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Get your keyboards engraved in your native language!

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Keyboards are a significant piece of the tech innovation, and have the right to be perceived for their job. Outsiders who regularly purchase laptop in the Canada – or, so far as that is concerned, Chinese understudies taking college courses in Toronto, interpreters, diplomats or any other person who needs access to a language other than the one on their console – have needed to manage with "sticker solutions," where they append a sticker with the elective language on the keys.

While stickers are promptly accessible and economical, they look cheap too. Other than which, they frequently blur following a while's utilization and now and then come loose.

Rather than getting it with sticker, we recommend engraving the characters of the language directly onto the keyboard.

Engraving is probably going to be the best way to get elective languages on a keyboard under these conditions.

Here are the photos of 2019 mac book pro with touch screen board and DELL wireless keyboard that were laser engraved by I CAN LASER in Hebrew. Further the process, keyboard works same way as unique and all keys light up in the two languages.


With this procedure, any dialects can be engraved on a keyboard, accomplishing both the utilitarian target of having the option to all the more effectively distinguish keys, just as keeping consoles perfect and restrained.

On a basic level, about each sort of material can be engraved. We commonly use lasers to engrave metals, plastics, silicone and wood. We can test different materials to see whether they can be engraved, if essential.

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