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You are welcome to deliver the item you wish to be engraved or cut in person if you call to make an appointment.


                      SCARBOROUGH              MISSISSAUGA

MON-FRI          8AM - 6PM                     8AM - 6PM        

SATURDAY  By Appointment               10AM - 4PM

SUNDAY      By Appointment               10AM - 4PM


Or you can send your item to us by post, in which case we will laser cut or engrave it and send it back to you by first class postal service.

Parking space is available!

Tel(Mississauga Branch): 647 921 3340

1080 Fewster Dr., Unit 12,

Mississauga, ON, L4W OC2

Tel(Scarborough Branch): 647 914 3340

Same Day Service

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1210 Markham Rd., Unit 9, Scarborough, ON, M1H 3B3