Custom Cremation Urns

Updated: Mar 13

Reviewing what made individuals and pets so extraordinary and condensing those emotions on an incineration urn, token urn, remembrance or adornments things with restricted space can be very challenging.With only a constricted space and hardly any words, it is hard to abridge your emotions and feelings for the decedent.

Yet, when the fitting words are utilized to show your affection and regard towards the deceased, it may be very well soothing and help a great deal in the ordinary lamenting process. Individuals regularly like to just express an individual's name and dates of birth and demise, yet there are a lot more alternatives for you to pick.

With the assistance of laser engraving process at I CAN LASER;

You can have your incineration urn engraved directly into the outside of the wood, metal or glass. The vast majority of the urns can be laser engraved with individual data, for example, name, dates, cites, Book of scriptures stanzas, or sonnets.

Recommended Materials:

The present urns are most ordinarily made of metals, for example, metal and composite, wood, (oak, pine, bamboo and walnut just to give some examples) granite, glass, wood, and marble, which can all be for all time set apart with a laser engraver. Here at I CAN LASER we are able to engrave on less common urn materials as well, for example, powder coated metals, leather, elastic and considerably more.

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