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Personalized Bamboo Desk organizer, Gift For Him, Gift For Father

This desk organizer docking station is great to keep all your daily items organized and make it easy to find. It was designed to keep your smartphone, your tablet, keys, watch, glasses, wallet, everything in organized.

- Material ; Bamboo

- Sides To Be Engraved ; Side A, Side B, Side C

* All our bamboo desk organizers are handcrafted and laser engraved at our workshop

H O W - T O - O R D E R

1- Select engraving style from the menu

2- Select number of side(s) to be engraved from the menu

3- Enter your engraving details & font option in the ''add your personalization" box

4- Complete your order

5- Additionally you can send us the engraving details (text/image/vector file) by email to

!!! Please keep in mind that we do not correct your text, we copy and paste it. So please make sure there is no errors in your texts. !!!

Charging Station / Docking Station

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